The mission of the SKIN / CANVAS Tattoo Project is for us to explore the intuitive artistry and refined craftsmanship of master tattooing.

Mastering craft.

Creating world class art.

Expanding collective engagement.


- This project is designed for us to explore more original tattoo art apart from custom tattoo requests and allow me to create more powerfully from my lifetime of art & craft.

- This project is for serious tattoo collectors that appreciate, love and respect body-art, body-art traditions and the work of body modification artists.

 - This is  not a project for custom tattoo requests. I am still providing custom tattoo services but that is a separate offering. Everyone is still welcome to email me for custom tattoo inquiries and requests:

- This project begins with brainstorming. I will take a lot of input and inspiration from participants but then I will lead the adventure through the design process to see where it all takes us. My intention is to create something that will exceed our expectations and for us to fall in love with the artwork.

- Everyone is entirely free to deny or commit to the tattoo after the design is sketched up.

- All of the design time is free of charge. There are no fees or expenses for everything up to this point.

- For tattoo commitments, the tattoo sessions are $400. Since most of the art I would like to do for this project is large scale, tattoo sessions are likely to be 4-6 hours or so each, which is $800-1,200 in value at my full rate. The charge is to help cover the necessary operational expenses of the project and ensure more serious candidates.

- In completing our tattoo, participants will receive premium tattoo art without any charge for the time, experience and talent of the artist and also without any charge for the quality of the artwork so tips are welcome and encouraged.

* Each individual tattoo process within the project for each participant will take no less than a few weeks and up to a few months, from start to finish.

- This is an ongoing project. Inquire anytime.


1st Consultation & brainstorming.

2nd I create a design.

3rd We meet again to review the artwork together. * Everyone is entirely free to deny or commit to the tattoo after the design is sketched up.

4th If participants want to commit to the tattoo, we schedule the tattoo appointment(s).

5th Tattooing! Could be one or more sessions depending on the artwork that we agree upon.

6th Photography of the healed tattoo.

7th Share our artwork and photos with the world!!!


Email if you have any questions at all, if you are interested in a free consultation or want to get involved in any way!