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In 2008, a tattoo shop owner encouraged me to start an apprenticeship and I started the next day. I never even thought of being a tattoo artist but became obsessed with it once the opportunity hit me. I began tattooing in Miami in December of 2009 and picked up much of my initial experience working around Fort Lauderdale beach and also Boston, where I grew up. Settling into Austin has been incredible. I currently take appointments at my private art studio TENs.

I create custom tattoo designs and also offer my own original tattoo designs. Nature and horror themes dominate the varying influences of my artwork. I love tattooing line-based art, realism and more illustrative neo-traditional styles.


Pushing ahead, I am always looking forward to tattooing and creating as much as I possibly can. While away from tattooing, I am currently focused on exploring various illustration and painting styles.

“Vita e Morte”

Email to schedule a free consultation


$200 Deposit


Art Charges

In some cases, additional charges for custom artwork may be applied. 


I offer touch-up sessions for all of my tattoo-work to guarantee the best quality of my craftsmanship.

This session is free in most cases but in some cases there are discounted rates or a full charge.

Email to schedule a free consultation



I've been drawing throughout my entire life and I have been tattooing since 2009.

I have been medically trained and certified regarding cross-contamination, blood-borne pathogens, first-aid, CPR and basic dermatology.



Tattooing is a tax on the immune system so we want to make sure the body is well rested and well nourished. Rest and sleep well over the days leading up to getting tattooed. Drink plenty of water and have a solid meal before coming into the shop for your tattoo appointment.


During the healing process, we want to continue resting and nourishing the body to our best ability. Be sure to rest well, eat nutritiously and drink plenty of water to help the immune system heal the tattoos best.

For 3M Tegaderm/Dynarex View Guard Bandages:

- in a clean bathroom, gently remove this bandage 2-3 DAYS/48-72 HOURS after application and immediately wash the tattoo

* take the Tegaderm bandage off as soon as possible if it begins coming off on its own, curls up at the edges, leaks, excessive fluid builds up or if there is any irritation


For Plastic Wrap or Dental Bib/Polyback Towel Bandages:

- in a clean bathroom, remove this bandage 1-3 HOURS after application (soak the bandage in water before removing, if it is sticking to the tattoo at all) and immediately wash the tattoo


Washing the Fresh Tattoo:

- wash the tattoo with fragrance-free anti-bacterial soap in hot water

- do not scrub the tattoo with anything abrasive until it is healed

- pat dry with clean paper towel (avoid using hand/bath towels because they collect germs)

- massage mild fragrance-free lotion into the tattooed area

- wipe off excess lotion with a clean and damp paper towel

- do not apply another bandage to the tattoo unless guided in doing so


Until the Tattoo is Completely Healed:

* wash the tattoo every morning & every night

- bathe quickly and do not soak the healing tattoo longer than a few moments

- do not swim with or soak the fresh tattoo

- avoid direct sunlight on the healing tattooed area

- make sure clothing and bedding is clean during the entire healing process

- completely avoid exercise for the first 3 days and avoid sweaty exercise for the first 2 weeks

* Contact me if you have any questions via email:

* Contact me immediately, if you have any adverse reactions via text 860-785-3495, email:

* Consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of infection or allergic reaction and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction to the health department at 1-888-839-6676.

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