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Jonathan Paul Fiore TATTOO

Since 2010 | Based in Austin ★ Texas

Il Fioroso

Sorry mom!

From finger painting my mother's walls to spray painting walls around BostonI have been drawing as long as I could hold anything in my hands.


My elementary school friends would buy enlarged drawings of comic book panels from me. In high school, I traded custom artwork for cash and random goods people offered me.

I left school as an honor student to establish real world finance and sales experience while I created my art portfolio so I wouldn't be a starving artist like Vincent van Gogh.

The Professional

I have taught myself to be proficient with pencil, ink, paint, graphic design, screen printing, tattooing and continue digging into any visual art medium within reach.

Art history, art masters, craft techniques, symbolism, sacred geometry, meditation and esoteric mysteries are some of the subjects that I inherently and incessantly study organically over time.


Lucky Gambino introduced me to tattooing at his shop on Fort Lauderdale Beach and Gaston Siciliano let me hang around his shop in Miami's South Beach.

I began tattooing traveling back and forth between Boston and South Florida.

I have tattooed across the US and made myself at home deep in the Heart of Texas.

"I'm at the studio."

My lifelong commitment to crafting my own way as an artist pays off.

At my private art studio TENs, I stay busy in my workspaces for digital and traditional mediums as well as service tattoo clients within my private art gallery.

Stay tuned...

I have a wild imagination and manifest it. There's much more to share.

Email for inquires.

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