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Joey Flowers was born into a mafia crime family, yet, grew into a superhero. He now spends his days tattooing out of Austin, Texas & lives his nights fighting for the good of mankind.


Born in Boston, Massachusetts into a life of crime, Joey began displaying endowments of evil at an early age. In his teenage years, he became a violent delinquent & as he grew into a young man, he quickly became a formidable strongarm for his criminal family.


At the age of 21, Joey began to clearly realize that a life of blood would quickly lead him to a rightly earned grave.


The sensible young Mr. Flowers set out alone to bloom into a wiser man & moved to Miami. This path was hard & not without sacrifice. His reflexes were rot with horrific habit, only damning his efforts to free himself from the cold hand of his familial past. Joey had a legion of demons inside of him. They clawed against his every effort until he found a warrior to help him crush the demonic horde. This warrior was no soldier but a savior, a warrior of Light. The man's name was Sankha Ji & Joey Flowers trained with him religiously.


Joey continues to fight his demons & dedicates his life to defending others. Working as a tattooist most days while fighting against society's villains under the dark cloak of night, Joey Flowers liberated himself from his lawless family, creates world-class art in the flesh & avenges the virtuous.


STAY TUNED! The Joey Flowers comic/graphic novel is going to be released...

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